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Learn More About Investing in Costa Rica.

From its political to natural landscape, there are many reasons why Costa Rica is viewed by investors as one of the safest emerging markets to expand their real estate portfolio

About Meehan Investment

Meehan Investments S.A. a Costa Rica based company that was founded in 2006 by Mike Meehan an entrepreneur from the United States. He envisioned Costa Rica as a land of opportunity with its climate, beautiful beaches, tropical rain forest and peace along with more consistent political stability

Our professional bi-lingual team comprised of highly seasoned and experienced Costa Rica Professionals. Our Team consisted of top notch seasoned real estate professionals with 30 years of experience in...

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Meehan InvestmentOur team of seasoned professional provide entrepreneurial, along with practical solutions to your financial and real estate challenges. Currently it is a good time to buy property or invest in Costa Rica as the market is regaining momentum after many quiet years due to the global financial crisis.

Costa Rica is showing that once again Costa Rica will recover sooner than most other international markets and that Meehan Investments S.A. is here to serve your Financial and Real Estate needs in Costa Rica.

proof is the steady improvement of real estate investment

Today, the best real estate opportunities are outside of the US. In today’s market Costa Rica is showing positive reports of improving sales from residential, commercial, resort land and raw land are proving that Costa Rica is well on its way to recovery.

Our job is to help you discover these places, and then to help you take advantage of the opportunities available to both investors and real estate buyers

Investors are concerned about where the growth in the financial market will come from, well Costa Rica has it to offer the investor with the ever growing popularity of Costa Rica and the confidence that investors have in this market, to invest for profitable returns along with their security of their investments.

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Currently it is a good time to buy property in Costa Rica as the market is regaining momentum after nearly three very quiet years due to the global financial crisis.

You've done the dreaming and it’s our job is to make your dream home a reality. We've done the research and We know a good location and, more importantly good value. We know our way around the best spots in Costa Rica for buying your dream home right now.

Whether you’re interested in investment real estate, a second home in paradise , or your dream property for a full-time life in Costa Rica We have it to offer you.

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Latest Investment News

More Chinese Property Investments in the Philippines as Property Values Drop

More Chinese Property Investments in the Philippines as Property Values DropIndustry observers are expecting more Chinese property investments in the Philippines as investors want a more significant portion of the property market in the country. Also, it is the perfect time to buy properties because of lower real estate prices due to coronavirus.

The country is suffering from the worst economic downturn in three decades. As a result, property prices dropped by as much as 15 percent. Thus, local real estate investors are selling at huge losses.

According to an investment news site, Filipinos fear that they can’t afford to buy any prime property once the market recovers in the future. If the travel restrictions and community quarantine continue, real estate experts expect steeper declines in prices.

Chinese Property Investments in the Philippines

Some Chinese investors are waiting for someone to sell at a lower price. They look at the drop in demand and the rates during the pandemic. It was not the same last year when the real estate market boomed as Chinese buyers grabbed whatever property they can get within Metro Manila and other major cities in the archipelago, according to sportsbook pay per head sources.




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