China Bans Citizens from Gambling in Cambodia

China Bans Citizens from Gambling in Cambodia

The Chinese government told its citizens to refrain from gambling in Cambodia. The action came after several cases of violence were reported in the country. Some cases resulted in death. It is a significant blow to the Cambodian economy that relies on money from the Chinese.

According to the Chinese embassy in Cambodia, most of the recent cases involving Chinese citizens were gambling-related. Law enforcement units from Cambodia and China partnered up to fight against every telecom and online gambling fraud activity involving Chinese citizens in the country.

According to sportsbook pay per head reports, Chinese citizens should not partake in Cambodia gambling. The Chinese embassy also warned against online gambling sites that try to attract people to work in Cambodia.

Gambling in Cambodia

China Bans Citizens from Gambling in CambodiaChinese authorities would act against individuals connected to online gambling. According to bookie software sources, most gambling takes place around Sihanoukville. In recent years, the port city became a Chinese district due to the significant investment from gambling companies. Also, there are attempts to transform the area into a major metropolis. In the past, it used to be a quiet port city.

The plans to turn the area into a bustling metropolis failed. In 2019, Cambodia stopped giving out licenses for new online gambling services. Also, the government didn’t renew existing ones. According to bookie software sources, the coronavirus pandemic also took a toll on the country.

During the pandemic, international tourists stopped going into the country. It also eliminated the migration of millions of Chinese into Cambodia. In 2019, the number of Chinese citizens in the country increased more than twice the amount in 2018. Many tried to start online gambling by following a guide to being a bookie.

During that time, Chinese tourists going into the country increased more than 70 percent. Also, authorities estimated the number to reach 2.5 million each year by 2020. However, the prediction failed to materialize due to the ongoing pandemic.

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