About Meehan Investments

Meehan InvestmentsMeehan Investments S.A. a Costa Rica based company that was founded in 2006 by Mike Meehan an entrepreneur from the United States. He envisioned Costa Rica as a land of opportunity with its climate, beautiful beaches, tropical rain forest and peace along with more consistent political stability

Our professional bi-lingual team comprised of highly seasoned and experienced Costa Rica Professionals. Our Team consisted of top notch seasoned real estate professionals with 30 years of experience in Real Estate in Costa Rica, along with our Associate Professional Financial Services, Legal Services, and Lending and Trusts services

We specialize in funding projects in Costa Rica from artes y Manualidades en Costa Rica to simple shopping in Costa Rica discount projects and even sports betting software and platforms around the world.

Our goal is providing financial and real estate opportunities in today’s economy. Meehan Investments S.A. has formed alliances with multiple lending institutions, hard money lenders and private lenders that offer funding programs to service our client’s needs with a detailed local understanding of Costa Rica.

We understand that maximizing value and minimizing risk exposure underlines your investment decisions and we have developed a range of specialized services that give our clients the clearest information on which to base these critical decisions.