We welcome you to join us for Investments / Funding Opportunities in Costa Rica.

From its political to natural landscape, there are many reasons why Costa Rica is viewed by investors as one of the safest emerging markets to expand their real estate portfolio One of the main attractions for Costa Rica real estate investors is that nationals and foreigners have equal rights in Costa Rica when it comes to property law

Since real estate prices have leveled off , there is definitely a lot more interest in Costa Rica as an investor especially with the new Liberia International airport terminal and the expansion of Juan Santamaria International airport providing more efficient and better access to Costa Rica destinations.

Whether you are looking to invest in real estate in Ciudad Colon Costa Rica, at the beach or on the mountains, we can help!

Our Financial service

We represent borrowers and private lenders in real estate mortgages.

We offers different types of funding for home buyers as well as developers in Costa Rica. We offer loans to refinance lots, homes and condominiums as well as construction loans.

Financing Available For:


  • Homes
  • Land
  • Gated communities
  • Condominiums
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Project Development

Private Investors

We are looking for serious private investors/ lenders interested in doing business in Costa Rica to invest in secure mortgages against the collateral value of properties like houses, condominiums, commercial property, warehouses, farms and raw land with interest rates range from 10%-15% for periods ranging 1 to 5 years.

Hard Money Investors

We have clients seeking with Hard money loans to invest in secure mortgages against the collateral value of properties with interest rates ranging from 12%-20% for periods ranging from 1 to 5 years.

Commercial Lenders

We have clients seeking project funding for resort / hotel projects, medical tourism, residential projects and energy projects in areas of bridge loan, joint ventures and project funding. We look forward to hearing from you

Let us know what areas would meet your interest. Please forward your requirements along with your terms and conditions and any upfront fees required

Let us know if you have completed any funding projects in Costa Rica

All funding will be properly handled through the legal system of Costa Rica to protect the investor interests

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