California Tribes Want Sports Betting, Craps, and More

California Tribes Want Sports Betting, Craps, and More

The Indian tribes in California have a legal monopoly on casino gambling. Now, the California tribes want sports betting, craps, roulette, and more. However, they face opposition from horse racing tracks and cardrooms.

There are presently over 80 tribal casinos in California that expect $8 billion every year in incomes. That amount is almost the same as Nevada’s gambling industry. Most of the revenue came from gambling machines, which is the financial pillar of casinos.

The tribe showed their political might in 2008 when they used $115 million to guard four gaming compacts with California. But, according to gambling and sports news, other groups wanted to overturn the compacts because it gave casinos the monopoly over casino operations in the state.

California Tribes Want Sports Betting

California Tribes Want Sports Betting, Craps, and MoreAs generous as tribal gaming has become, its leaders currently need California electors to endorse betting on sports and different casino games, for example, roulette and craps.

According to sportsbook pay per head sources, the secretary of state’s office declared a month ago that an 18-clan alliance had accumulated enough marks on drive petitions to put their development measure on the November 2022 voting form.

To a limited extent, the new drive would dull endeavors to sanction web sports betting. Also, some out-of-state interests have looked to authorize in California.

Tribal leaders dread that if bettors could put down sports wagers on their PCs, they would be less inclined to visit casinos. Alternately, if sports wagering must be done legitimately inside casinos, it could lead to more foot traffic.

According to pay per head bookie solution experts, the ballot measure disposes of one likely enemy by permitting sports betting at four horse tracks. However, it sets up another conflict with the state’s non-tribal cardrooms. The latter have attempted to grow their contributions to players. However, their efforts have been obstructed every step of the way by the tribes.

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