Casino Helsinki Sets Slot Machine Loss Limits

Casino Helsinki Sets Slot Machine Loss Limits

Finnish operator Veikkaus added slot machine loss limits at the Casino Helsinki. It is part of the company’s social responsibility initiative. Also, the limits took effect on September 24.

Players can set their loss limits at the casino. The shift manager will handle it. Also, the casino added a block button at the slot machines that would prevent gameplay. According to a pay per head report, there will be a red color on the card reader’s screen.

Veikkaus has a gambling monopoly in Finland. It extended loss limits to physical slots in August. As a result, gamblers need to set a maximum loss amount before they can play slot machines. The move came after the Finnish Ministry of the Interior forced the operator to implement loss limits for online gamblers in May.

Slot Machine Loss Limits

Casino Helsinki Sets Slot Machine Loss LimitsAside from loss limits, the casino operator implemented mandatory ID requirements earlier this year. These actions constrained players to appropriately validate themselves before playing openings and choosing a misfortune limit before ongoing interaction.

According to a sports betting solution expert, the operator likewise got €500 loss limits for online play. These cutoff points were impermanent at first, yet the operator reported that they would become long-lasting in June.

Players should then choose a loss limit before they can start playing the machines. Also, there are limits when playing online slots, ranging from €1 and €500 per day and €1 and €2,000 each month.

Veikkaus said since January, actual slot machine gaming has diminished by 30% in Finland. Also, the operator said it was down to a 40% decrease in the number of machines it works, contrasted with the beginning of 2020, just as the presentation of the new verification rules and more secure betting control tools. A solution to become a bookie can use the same system to make their platform more secure.

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